The Different Methods of Key Duplication

In our world today, safety is very important. Copying keys is a way to make sure we’re safe. Imagine you can’t get into your home, office, or car because you lost your key. Having an extra copy of your key can save you from this problem. If you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and need a new key, the people at Tulsa Security Lock can help. Let’s learn about how they can copy keys in different ways.

The Old Way

Making Keys by Cutting Them

A long time ago, people started copying keys by cutting them. They used a special machine to make a new key that looks just like the old one. This machine copies all the bumps and holes from the old key onto the new one. People who are really good at this, like the experts at Tulsa Security Lock, can make perfect copies.

New Ways to Copy Keys

Laser-Cut Keys

Today, we have a new way to copy keys called laser-cutting. Lasers are like special lights that can make tiny patterns. We use lasers to make a special design on the key. This is often used for keys in cars that need a lot of security. People who are good at copying keys, especially the folks at Tulsa Locksmith, can do this perfectly.

Programming Transponder Keys

Some keys in cars have a tiny computer inside them. This is called a transponder key. To copy these keys, we need to do some computer work. We make sure the new key has the same secret code as the old key. The smart people at Local Tulsa Locksmith can do this tricky work and make a perfect copy.

Using Technology for Keys

Ordering Keys with an App

Nowadays, we can use our phones to order new keys. Some locksmiths have special apps. You take a picture of your key and send it to the app. The app knows how to make a new key by looking at the picture. But be careful! Only use trusted Locksmiths Like Tulsa Security Lock.

Making Keys with 3D Printing

Guess what? We can even use 3D printers to make keys! We create a digital model of the key and the printer makes a real one. This is super cool, but we have to be careful about safety and making it just right.

Why Pick Tulsa Security Lock for Copying Keys?

Tulsa Security Lock is a trusted Locksmith in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They know a lot about keys and safety. They’ll make sure your new key works perfectly and keeps you safe.

Wrapping Up

Safety is super important. Copying keys has changed a lot over time. We can do it the old way with machines or the new way with lasers and computers. If you need a new key in Tulsa, go to Tulsa Security Lock. They know what they’re doing and they’ll keep you safe.