The Most Common Types of Locks and How They Work

Keeping your home or business secure with professional tulsa locksmith – and that starts with the locks you choose. In this blog post, we explore what options are available when it comes to certain types of lock mechanisms and their custom features designed for optimal protection. Get informed so you can make an educated decision on securing your property!

Pin tumbler locks, the most widely used security measure in residential and commercial applications, are simple yet highly effective. Using a key crafted with pins of varying lengths to align correctly at the shear line within a cylinder – these ingenious inventions allow for invaluable peace of mind!

For extra security, deadbolts are the perfect solution. There are three varieties of this lock to choose from: single cylinder, double cylinder and a conveniently lockable thumb turn design. Deadbolts provide peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting your home or business premises on exterior doors.

Mortise locks provide added security to commercial settings due to their heavy-duty construction and unique design. Unlike most traditional locks that have the key cylinder on one side of the door, mortise locks are installed within it with both a handle and thumb turn featured prominently – granting superior protection no matter which side is used for entry or exit.

Smart locks are revolutionizing security and convenience by allowing homeowners to remotely manage their front doors. Sleek, modern designs make these digital door locks a great addition to any home’s exterior façade while offering the ultimate in reliable protection of personal property and possessions. With advanced technology that allows for automatic unlocking when approaching as well customizable schedules, smart locks unlock peace-of-mind with each keyless entry!

Cam locks are an increasingly popular security device for a variety of applications, from filing cabinets to lockers. These practical and easy-to-install solutions combine the convenience of access via key or combination with reliable locking capabilities that have been proven effective since their invention in 1947. Consultation with a professional is recommended when selecting the right cam lock system appropriate to your individual needs – so you can rest assured knowing your high value items and confidential documents remain secure at all times.

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